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Trying To Find A Local Dentist Use NHS Choices

Do you need to find a local dentist who is taking on NHS  patients.  You can find this information by using the link below:

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Rebasing - Healthcare Information

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How To Maintain A Good Credit Record When You’re In The Military

Are you a good or a poor credit risk? You may not know until you submit 
an application for a loan or credit. Here are some top tips on how to 
maintain a healthy credit score, regardless of your location.

The result can sometimes be surprising. Moving around with the military
 doesn’t always help your credit score, although significant effort has
 been made in recent years to improve awareness within the
 financial industry of the circumstances of military personnel.

How does a credit rating score work?

Your credit score measures you as a financial risk. 
A poor credit score can make it difficult to borrow money. 
This can affect your application for credit cards, motor finance, 
a mortgage and other services such as mobile phone contracts.

How is your credit risk measured?

All lenders want different things and have their own ways of scoring 
but are likely to take into account the following:

  • Occupation
  • Address history
  • Length of employment
  • Annual Income
  • Previous and existing creditors and your credit payment history
  • County Court Judgments
What is likely to make you a poor credit risk?

  • Excessive debt with no spare income to support more credit
  • Too many credit searches within a rolling two-year period
  • Poor credit history such as missed or late payments
  • Not having any credit history can be detrimental to your credit score
  • Frequent house moves, in particular postings abroad where 
  • BFPO addresses aren’t always recognised by lenders’ systems
How to help your application for credit when on the move
  • State you are a member of the Armed Forces when applying for credit
  • Provide a full postal address including postcode. 
  • If it is a BFPO address, include the unit you’re attached to. 
  • A letter from your Commanding Officer is also useful
  • Register to vote in the UK, which will put you on the Electoral Register.
  •  This needs updating every time you move in the UK
  • Serving overseas for long periods of time can make building up a good
  •  credit history difficult. Keep a record of financial transactions overseas to hand, 
  • such as credit cards and bank statements. 
  • This will help to show that you can handle your money wisely
  • Manage your debts and pay your bills on time
  • Check your credit report before you apply for any credit. 
  • You can obtain a copy from credit reference agencies such as EquifaxExperian and Callcredit. If you find any discrepancies,
  •  you can challenge them with the credit bureau
  • Keep the balance on your credit cards as low as possible
  • Make joint applications for credit such as motor finance. 
  • This will help both you and your partner build up evidence of good
  •  credit management for the future.
How to improve a poor credit rating
  • There is no quick fix. A reputation for being a bad credit risk can take
  •  time to improve, but there are steps you can take to help the process along.
  • Make sure you pay your bills on time.
  •  Set up a reminder to prompt you when a payment is due or set up a 
  • direct debit and make sure there will be enough money in your account 
  • to pay the direct debit
  • Stop using your credit cards to avoid adding to your debts
  • Only take on new credit accounts if you have no other option. 
  • If you need to borrow more, look to extend your existing credit provisions rather than applying elsewhere
  • If you have any spare money, look to reduce your overall debt by
  •  forming a payment plan. Start with the cards and loans that 
  • charge the highest interest and work your way down
  • If you’re struggling to make ends meet talk to the credit company 
  • or seek advice from a credit counselling service to help you get
  •  back on track with your finances.

If you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly when seeking credit due to your
 military lifestyle, you can appeal to the Financial Ombudsman.

For more information on how to apply for credit you can check out Money Force.
 To learn more about how to manage your money,
 go to the Money Advice Service website.
Information extracted from RAF Families Federation News
 Please click the link for full details.